Alumni Night 2
Do you remember the sights, sounds, and yes… even the smells of camp? The fun competitions, the friendships, or the first time that you heard or shared the love of God with someone? Camp lives in our memory as a place like no other.

Lake Geneva Youth Camp is a place like no other and a place set apart for life-change today.

Stay connected, share stories, pray for each other, because we were all touched by God through the people and place known as LGYC.


Alumni Banquet and Overnight Event!

Come just for the evening or stay overnight. It is a great way to reconnect with each other and the ministry that made a difference in your life!

• August 4th-5th





Join us on our “1 of 85” Campaign

Our priority is to keep camp and retreat fees affordable while providing an excellent camp and conference experience.

LGYC&CC and CPC have the privilege of serving thousands of children, adults, and families each year. We are committed to the critical task of equipping people to make life choices that reflect Godly character and instilling in them a passion to live impactful lives for Christ. The fees we charge simply DO NOT cover the cost of providing a quality platform for ministry.

The Camp Excellence Fund, or “Where Needed Most,” provides resources for camp equipment, tools, program resources, staff, projects, and other miscellaneous expenditures that enable effective ministry.

BE 1 OF 85