Each year parents entrust into our care over 20,000 campers and guests.

LGYC takes this responsibility very seriously. We have taken great care to create programs, training, and processes designed to safeguard your child during their time at camp.

LGYC has a well defined process to supervise campers and staff. This process helps to create a positive and healthy experience for your camper. The process consists of multiple layers of management oversight in all areas concerning safety, health, and risk management.

Camp operates dad-to-day under a strict schedule of programs and activities with continuous supervision provided by our staff. Staff and campers receive training and orientation regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior when interacting in camp. LGYC’s supervision process directs each person to monitor the conduct of all persons in camp and to report any behavior which is not consistent with LGYC’s code of conduct guidelines.

While illnesses can strike and accidents can happen, it is our commitment to you that we will exercise every foreseeable precaution to minimize these risks. The following represents a summary of actions we take to provide a positive and healthy experience for your child.


One of the greatest concerns you as a parent faces is who influences your child. For this reason, we believe it is imperative that staff members are properly screened and possess the training, skills, education, abilities, and heart required to enhance LGYC’s effectiveness. LGYC employs a Camp Director and Summer Staff Coordinator who manage all summer staff. A Human Resources staff person(s) is consulted in matters of hiring policy and procedure. Our policies are reviewed by a national insurance organization for safety compliance.

Hiring practices include an application process, criminal and sexual offender background checks, personal interviews, and a review of written personal references. Due to a large amount of applicants each year, LGYC is able to be extremely selective in our summer staff hiring process. Our directors hand-pick each staff member for their passion, spiritual maturity, love for kids, and commitment to LGYC’s vision and mission. Each summer employee is instructed on general camp safety and security guidelines as well as appropriate behavior with minors. All staff sign a contract agreeing to follow LGYC’s policies and procedures throughout the duration of their employment.

Camper Orientation:

To promote a positive and healthy camp experience, each camp conducts camper orientation talks that include the following topics:

  1. Opening Day Safe & Secure Talk – In an age-appropriate manner, all campers will be instructed on what kinds of visual, verbal, and physical conduct is appropriate and what kinds are inappropriate at camp. This includes staff-to-camper conduct, camper-to-camper conduct, and modest and one-on-one policy.
  2. Year-Round Camper Contact – Godly relationships are an important part of the LGYC experience. We want to stay in contact with your family throughout the year in a way that respects your family and provides encouragement. We will explain what your camper should expect in terms of continuing communication from camp.
  3. Reporting System – At the beginning of every term, each camp will educate campers on the different methods available to report inappropriate conduct at camp.

LGYC has implemented several ways for staff, campers, and parents to report inappropriate conduct or concerns at camp. Some of the reporting systems in place are:

  1. Camp Director – We always encourage staff, campers, and parents to let the Camp Director know of inappropriate conduct or concerns first. This allows for immediate action. In addition, our staff are encouraged to hold each other accountable regarding all policies and guidelines.
  2. Comment Box – Each camp will have a confidential “report box” to give staff or campers easy confidential empowerment to report any concerns. This box will be checked regularly.
  3. Confidential Hotline – A toll free telephone number (877-509-3509) has been set up for parents and staff to report concerns. This confidential number is staffed by a third party firm and will report any concerns to LGYC’s ministries.
Cabin and General Safety:

The safety of your camper is important to us. As a parent, we want you to be assured that your child will be in a safe environment while at LGYC. Each cabin can sleep up to 13 campers. Smaller cabins will have one head counselor, while fuller cabins will have two counselors – a head counselor and a junior counselor. Additional staff will be watching over campers throughout the grounds during the week.

Waterfront Safety:

We use only Red Cross certified lifeguards at the waterfront. To ensure safety, each camp conducts a swim test on the first day, and campers are given a wristband representing one of three swim levels. Campers travel to and from the lake with counselors, and they are checked in and out before entering and leaving the swim area to ensure all campers are accounted for.

Recreation Safety:

Activities at camp are scheduled and closely supervised. All staff are trained and tested prior to supervising and coaching campers. Rules are communicated and campers receive instruction before engaging in activities. Certified, trained staffers supervise our extreme recreation activities, such as the Zipline, Giant Swing, Indoor Climbing Wall, Archery, Black Banana, and Low Ropes Course. Campers wear helmets and are securely harnessed to safety lines during climbs and while using the Giant Swing.

Health Services – Nurse:

LGYC has well-developed health service procedures for campers during the ten weeks of summer camp. This medical care is provided in the health center/nurse station with treatment from licensed physicians and nurses. Additionally, LGYC certifies many summer staff on CPR, First Aid, and Life Saving. Advanced medical care is provided by one of three hospitals which are located in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin area.

Facility Management and Safety:

At LGYC, we understand your concern for your child’s physical safety. Camp facilities and premises are well maintained by a full-time maintenance and construction department. Aside from job-specific training, key staff are trained and certified in applicable areas such as water quality, pesticides, and OSHA. Facilities are equipped with good walking surfaces, handrails, and lighting. Smoke detectors are placed throughout the facilities and in all of the cabins. Fire extinguishers are also located throughout the facilities. Key locations in each camp are equipped with fire suppression hoses connected to main water lines.

Food Service Safety:

Dining halls are managed by a full-time, year-round, certified Food Service Director, as well as on-site kitchen managers and assistant managers. A professional-grade cooking facility and approved hood and extinguishing system are used. Each dining hall is inspected by county health officials prior to each camping season. All food is purchased by LGYC’s Food Service Director through reputable, insured vendors.

Camp Security:

Access to our camp is controlled by gates, walls, fences, and environmental barriers. Visitors are directed to sign in and wear a visitor badge or lanyard. During the summer, assigned security staff patrol the roads that run alongside the camps, staff parking lots, and outer buildings. At night, camp security staff patrol the campuses.

Transportation Safety:

Camper transportation is overseen by the Camp Director. Transportation of campers may include off-camp trips and activities. Campers are transported in vans and school buses operated by drivers age 21 and older with an approved motor vehicle record and a state equivalent license. Bus drivers must have approved motor vehicle records and pass any applicable written tests and submit to random drug testing.