Primary Camp

Primary Camp

July 1-4, 2018
Boys and Girls entering grades 1-3 next fall
Price: $279

Kids need to be kids, Primary Camp makes it happen! Campers experience a fun mini week of Camp! Carefully screened and selected counselors to provide incredible role models. This camp is age appropriate for unique games, activities and engaging chapel times about the God who changes lives!

Camp Highlights
  • Great Counselors!
  • Experiential camp activities that will teach life skills while having fun.
  • Age appropriate chapel times where campers will learn about God’s love for them.
  • No TV or gadgets, so campers can just be together without distractions.
  • The Great Outdoors!  Lots of time to swim, run, laugh and play, and release that energy they have inside them.

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Drop off and Pick up Information

Camp Begins at 2:00 pm with registration on Sunday

Camp Ends at 10:00 am with a closing ceremony in the Chapel on Wednesday

Typical Day

7:30  Wake Up

8:00  Cabin Devotions

8:30  Breakfast

9:15 Cabin Activities

10:15 Cabin Activities

11:15  Chapel

12:30  Lunch

1:15  Cabin Choice Time

4:30  Cabin Time

5:30  Dinner

6:30  Chapel

7:30  Late Night Activity

8:30  Back to the Cabins

9:00  Head to Bed



peter worrall
Peter Worral
  • Husband, Father, Missionary, Professor at Moody Bible in Chicago, Top Trumps, British, Soccer, Stone the Christian are just some of the words that come to mind when you think of Peter.  Peter is well loved by students of all ages, we are excited to have him back again this year.


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