• Fall Couples Retreat

    Oct. 3-5
    When was the last time you and your spouse got away from the business of life to spend time focused on each other, your relationship, and God’s role in your marriage? Husbands and Wives are invited to join us for a weekend retreat to beautiful Geneva Lake at Conference Point Center. Throughout the weekend you will have the opportunity to hear from great speakers, enjoy lots of fun activities, and spend plenty of down time relaxing and reconnecting with God and each other.

    Pricing: $125 per person

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  • chuck beckler1

    Speaker: Chuck Beckler of True Direction Ministries

    Bio: Chuck Beckler left the youth pastorate and founded True Direction Ministries. They work together to bring the gospel to a desperate world. Across youth, family, marriage and In-Home Mentoring events, TD desires to see disciples made. We all clearly understand the key to the TD puzzle is the Builder, for apart from Him we can do nothing. What an adventure it has been! Our pathos has never been stronger as we unite together for the King. Oswald Sanders said, ” Human weakness provides the best backdrop for the display of Divine power.” Looking back across three decades, we realize it’s all been a gift from our kind LORD. The TD puzzle continues as the Builder does his work, which causes great joy about the future of our history.

    Couples Retreat Theme: The Marriage Garden

  • Schedule: TBD