Teen Leadership Experience

Grades: 10-13

Price: $999

July 15 – August 4

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Our Teen Leadership Experience uses camp as a leadership laboratory to prepare teens for the world. This formation process grounds itself in teens learning spiritual maturity, which a week as a camper alone cannot provide. We disciple teens and prepare them to lead their peers.

Week 1: Apprentice

The first week of the Teen Leadership Experience creates “the tribe.” Our Teen Leadership Experience emphasizes setting goals, meshing with the other members of the teen leadership tribe and forming the bonds central to disciple-based leadership. By the end of the week, we have introduced teens to a variety of the leadership roles at camp via servant leadership opportunities.

Week 2: Basic

After the week of apprenticeship, teens will focus on developing their hard and soft skills. This week encourages hard work that brings huge rewards. Teens learn skills for personal development and are challenged to mature in their lives and faith.

Week 3: Lead

This elevated leadership role coincides with LGYC’s Teen Camp, Teens will apply the skills they learned by taking on certain responsibilities in a  cabin group of peers, while simultaneously getting to be a camper for the week of Teen Camp. All teens who complete the Teen Leadership Experience are eligible to go on the Wilderness Leadership Experience for FREE.

Wilderness Leadership Experience

Grades: 9-13

Price: $999

August 5-11

Each year, we plan an out-of-state trip to an adventurous location that will help teens grow and expand their understanding of God and the world He made. This offsite trip takes teens through various wilderness experiences. Participants connect closely with one another and learn that they can accomplish great things through faith and community.

Campers need clearance by a physician for physical activity that is moderately demanding.

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