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Your generous vehicle donation to camp will touch the lives of thousands of campers and guests by helping us accomplish the necessary work of our ministry while keeping camp affordable. Each vehicle can mean less cost passed on to guests and more people accessing our life-changing ministry.

Here are the most urgent vehicle needs for camp:


Tax Benefits

Donating your car or vehicle to charity can be a great way to get a tax deduction, and Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences makes it easy. If you would like to help camp and get the maximum tax deduction, then you’re already almost done. It’s as simple as filling out the short form or calling 1-262-248-5500. We make the process easy, and you get the best (and highest tax deduction) for your car. Not only that, but you are also helping your neighbors experience the love of God through a ministry you love.

No Hassle Vehicle Pickup*

Donate your old vehicle sitting in the driveway, and stop paying insurance and registration. Eliminate the costs for a car that rarely, if ever, gets used and get a great tax deduction by supporting Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences. We pick the car up, handle all the details and make it a whole lot easier than putting an expensive ad in the paper, taking repeated phone calls, showing your car over and over again or haggling over the sales price. Even better, we pick up the car free of charge!

*Because we don’t have towing capabilities, the vehicle needs to be drivable before we can pick it up.


Give Your Vehicle a New Purpose

More than Upcycling! A car donation to our ministry is a special chance to give your vehicle new life. Our partners at Chicago-Area Service King will evaluate the vehicle to fix FREE-OF-CHARGE! Donate a mechanically sound vehicle and we can restore the look of the vehicle and by giving it new purpose in furthering the Gospel message.

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