Ambassadors are equipped to share the vision and programs of LGYC with Pastors, church members, attendees and families in their local community.

Families feel more comfortable attending a camp they are familiar with. How do families learn more about camp? Through people like you – their friends and church family! We need people like you to be informed representatives of camp who can answer questions, share stories, and encourage others to become a part of our camp family.

Being an Ambassador is not a chore! Ambassadors have the wonderful opportunity of sharing their love of camp with others in their community, on their own terms – devoting whatever time they have available, through whatever means they feel comfortable.

What might an Ambassador choose to do?
  • Maintain a Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences display table at your church with camp and conference brochures and information.
  • Promote upcoming camps and conferences to your church through class visitations and presentations, church announcements, bulletin inserts or by word of mouth.
  • Promote and/or organize a Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences Primetime Party for summer camp or other program.
  • Organize an all church Camp Fair to promote camp at your church.
  • Work with the Pastors of the church for all age of campers and families helping them with ways to promote and organize summer camps and retreats.
  • Explore the possibilities for your own church retreat at Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences.
  • Work to develop personal relationships with those Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences staff who visit your church.
  • Pray for the ministry here at Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences (for our staff, for our leadership and for our programs and retreats).
  • Any other creative ideas you might have.

Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences is able to provide support with many of these activities.

Contact Us if you would like to be an official Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences’ Ambassador!