Teen Serve


Teen Serve

Teen Serve is a 3-week experience at Lake Geneva Youth Camp where teens, ages 14-18, serve our campers through food service and program support so campers and other volunteers can have a life-changing experience in Christ! Teens will get their hands dirty during the day and be challenged intellectually at night.  Together we will explore what it means to follow the real Jesus as disciple-makers. Not only will teens learn what it looks like to serve and disciple like Jesus, but they will also build an incredible community to create memories and friendships for a lifetime!

Teen Serve 1: June 12th, 2022 – July 2nd, 2022
Teen Serve 2: July 5th, 2022 – July 30th, 2022

Both sessions have 26 slots available.

* COVID-19 Protocols listed (Click Here)

Are You Ready?

Teen Serve Qualifications 

Throughout the Teen Serve training experience teens will be challenged relationally, physically, and spiritually! Below is a list of qualifications we are looking for in applicants as we walk through the interview process… 

  • Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior 
  • Be actively involved in a local church (Regularly attending in person and serving monthly) 
  • Have memorized Philippians 2:3-11 and can explain what it means 
  • Be a person who is seeking to run AFTER Jesus (not perfectly, but these characteristics are present and moldable) 
  • Available – Willing to set aside 3 whole weeks of the summer without interruption 
  • Faithful – Willing to do or process whatever is asked and accomplish it with excellence 
  • Teachable – Able to hold a humble posture and be open to constructive feedback 
  • Encouraging – Able to uphold camp expectations and give exhortation in our community 
  • Responsive – Able to process, grow, and apply what is being trained from Leadership 

A teen preferably…. 

  • Has previously attended an LGYC program camp, or served in a camp setting 
  • Is involved in a local church youth ministry 
  • Can articulate the G.O.S.P.E.L. 
Cost & Investment 

Cost: $299 

Out of the $299 we ask that each teen would invest $50 of their own money (not from mom or dad) in order to be part of Teen Serve. We believe that personal financial investment leads to a higher value on the return of that investment.   

The cost of Teen Serve will cover…  

  • Room & Board  
  • Epic Weekend Events  
  • Leadership Material and Teaching  
  • Supervisors that exhort and exemplify Jesus
  • Qualified Teachers/Speakers  
Application Process

We are looking for Teens who are willing to serve humbly, love well, and dive deep into their relationship with God.  

  1. Submit Application and References  
  2. E-mail Confirmation   
  3. Complete 2 Zoom Interviews 
  4. Submit 1st Payment of $100  
Major Teen Serve Benefits
  • Teen Camp experience FREE*
  • Arctic Blast experience FREE*
  • Learn camp ministry hands-on
  • Sound scripture teaching
  • Building resume and work experience

*Camp is free to those on Teen Serve who complete all 3 weeks.