Conference Point Center

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We are excited about your interest in planning a retreat with us.

Conference Point Center is a beautiful 21 acre peninsula jutting into the east side of Geneva Lake.

Whether you are a first-time leader, or a veteran retreat planner, we will work with you to plan out all the details of the retreat to your specific needs. We will have everything set up and ready to go when you arrive, and a staff member will be present and available throughout your stay. Relationships are important to us – we want to help your ministry succeed!

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The right accommodations can make all the difference.

From private rooms and houses, to semi-private rooms, dorms and rustic cabins, Conference Point Center offers a variety of lodging styles to meet the needs of any group. All accommodations are within easy walking distance of all meeting facilities.

McDonald Guest Lodge

Enjoy gorgeous lake views from our recently remodeled McDonald Guest Lodge. Available for year round use for groups of 10-32 guests.

Bed Style: Twin Bunk Beds, Full Beds, Queen Beds
Bath: Two Full Baths
Available to Rent: Year-Round
AC: Yes
Heat: Yes

See McDonald Guest Lodge Floor Plan

Lakeside Cabins

There are no bad views from lakeside cabins. Each of these 8 spaces holds 4 sets of bunks and can hold up to 64 guests.

Bed Style: Twin Bunk Beds
Bath: Bath-house
Available to Rent: Year-Round
AC: Yes
Heat: Yes

See Lakeside Cabins Floor Plan

Ross Guest Lodge

These 10 double occupancy rooms allow for a comfortable stay for all guests. 4 full bathrooms, kitchen and lower level meeting room provide all the conveniences you’ll need.

Bed Style: Twin and double
Bath: 4 full Baths
Available to Rent: Year-Round
AC: No
Heat: Yes

See Ross Guest Lodge Floor Plan

Delap Lodge

These accommodations feature 3 floors, 19 rooms, a kitchen and a meeting room that meets almost every guests needs.

Bed Style: Twin, Double & Twin Bunk
Bath: Semi-private Baths
Available to Rent: Year-Round
AC: Yes
Heat: Yes

See Delap Floor Plan


This 4 room housing is ideal for accommodating up to 12 guests in this quaint cabin with lake views.

Bed Style: Twin and Double
Bath: Private Baths
Available to Rent: April-Oct.
Heat: Limited
A/C: No

See Pearce Floor Plan


This 3 room housing is ideal for accommodating up to 8 guests in this quaint cabin with lake views.

Bed Style: Twin Bunk Beds, Twin, and Double beds
Bath: Private Baths
Available to Rent: April-Oct
Heat: Limited
A/C: No

See Bethel Floor Plan

Lakeview Cottage

Imagine sitting right outside your cozy room and looking onto Geneva Lake. Lakeview lives up to its name and provides the right space for your next retreat of up to 12 guests.

Bed Style: Twin Beds
Bath: Adjoining Baths
Available to Rent: May-Sept.
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Lakeview Cottage Floor Plan

Magill Hall

This historic lodge is perfect for your guest group. Magill features over 15 rooms, private and semi-private baths, and capacity for 40.

Bed Style: Varies
Bath: Bath-house
Available to Rent: Year-Round
Heat: Yes
A/C: Yes

See Magill Hall Floor Plan


Retreat offers stunning lake views, 2 full baths and space enough for 30 guests.

Bed Style: Varies
Bath: 2 Full Baths
Available to Rent: Year-Round
Heat: Yes
A/C: Yes

See Retreat Floor Plan


Features a wrap around deck that hangs over the bluff with stunning views of the lake. Private baths and room for 6 guests.

Bed Style: Twin
Bath: 3 Baths
Available to Rent: April-Oct
Heat: Limited
A/C: No

See Sunrise Floor Plan


This beautiful cottage has 2 stories and 2 bathrooms and 1 great view of Geneva Lake. Up to 14 guests can relax in this cozy space right near the point.

Bed Style: Twin, Double
Bath: 2 Full Baths
Available to Rent: April-Oct
Heat: Limited
A/C: No

See Lookout Floor Plan


7 rooms, 1 bunk per room, 2 half baths, 2 showers and one large common space. Sunset is all about classic cabin living for up to 14 guests.

Bed Style: Twin bunks
Bath: 2 half baths, 1 Shower, 1 Tub
Available to Rent: May-Oct
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Sunset Floor Plan

Chapin Hall Center

One step into Chapin Hall and you are transported to a more simple time. A time when there were less distractions and more time interacting together. This location features a fireplace, living room, stunning views and room for 48.

Bed Style: Twin bunks, Twin beds and Doubles.
Bath: 2 full baths
Available to Rent: Year-Round
Heat: Yes
A/C: Yes

See Chapin Hall Center Floor Plan

Chapin Hall Wings

Chapin Center is framed by two wings where 12 guests can walk right out to beautiful lake views. 

Bed Style: Twin bunks, twin beds and Doubles.
Bath: 1 restroom per wing
Available to Rent: May-Sept.
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Chapin Hall Wings Floor Plan

Beach Cottage

A quaint cottage for up to 8. Close to the beach, clear views and rustic appeal.

Bed Style: Twin beds and full beds
Bath: 1 Half Bath and Shower
Available to Rent: May-Sept.
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Beach Cottage Floor Plan


This historic building can hold up to 66 guests and is an ideal location for your next retreat. 

Bed Style: Twin bunks
Bath: 6 Showers and a half bath per bedroom.
Available to Rent: May-Sept.
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Oaklawn Floor Plan

Bayside Dorms A, B & C

These dorms are ideal for a simple getaway. With space for 16 per dorm there is plenty of room for your group.

Bed Style: 8 sets of Twin bunks per dorm
Bath: 2 Half Baths and 1 Shower per dorm
Available to Rent: April-Oct.
Heat: Limited
A/C: No

See Bayside Dorms Floor Plan

Meeting Facilities

Your meeting room is a key component of your time here.

Whether it is a time of worship, teaching, or planning, we have a variety of rooms that can accommodate up to 300, and many rooms have fireplaces. While audio/visual equipment may vary with the size of the meeting room, we will work hard to make sure all of your audio/visual needs are met.

In the weeks before your retreat, we will contact you to review your room set-up needs. We will set up your room, including audio/visual equipment, and keep meticulous notes on your preferences to recreate your retreat set-up from year to year. This is included in the package rate.

chapel-thumbnail copy

Conference Point Chapel

Our Iconic chapel sits at the pinnacle of our grounds. With room for up to 500 this historic option has plenty of room for your retreat. It features a full stage for worship or dramas and two projectors for presentations.

Availability: May-October
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Conference Point Chapel Floor Plan



Newly Remodeled! Our Cloverleaf meeting space is perfect for your group of up to 150. Built in restrooms, stunning fireplace,  and lake views with a wrap around porch. Cloverleaf will leave a lasting impression on your retreat group.

Availability:A/C: No
Heat: Yes
A/C: Yes

See Cloverleaf Floor Plan


Delap Meeting Room

Delap offers built in meeting space for up to 75 guests. A kitchen, carpet and comfortable seating will give your retreat group all the comforts of home.

Availability: Year Round
Heat: Yes
A/C: Yes

See Delap Meeting Room Floor Plan



Provides year round space for groups up to 60. Conduct your meetings in Gocker’s cozy surroundings which include: A working fireplace, restrooms, and comfy seating.

Availability: Year Round
Heat: Yes
A/C: No

See Gocker Floor Plan


Hamill Hall

Hamill Hall is a location featured in many of Lake Geneva’s Historic Postcards for its detailed architecture and iconic look. This beautiful location is being restored and provides a center meeting space for 50 and two breakout spaces for up to 20.

Availability: May-Sept.
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Hamill Hall Floor Plan



You cannot get any closer to the lake than Tipiwakan. There is room for 150, with one main meeting space, two breakout rooms, three functioning fireplaces, and a large screened in porch that gives you amazing lake views.

Availability: May-Sept.
Heat: No
A/C: No

See Tipiwakan Floor Plan

Food Service

Since great food is an important part of any retreat, we continually strive to provide our guests with outstanding dining options.

From mouth-watering custom order sweets at the ice cream shop, to delicious meals in the dining room, to late-night snacks for your group, the excellence of our food service will surprise and delight your taste buds. Don’t forget to read our guest comments below!
Dining Room:

We continually strive to provide our guests with outstanding food. Menus are selected with your group’s demographics in mind, and meals are served in an all-you-can-eat buffet style. Our all-you-can-eat buffet style dining can accommodate groups up to 400 people in one seating.

Make your meal an outdoor experience! We can fire up the grills and your group can enjoy a delicious picnic lunch…or we can provide boxed lunches for off-site activities such as golfing, snow skiing, or canoe trips.

7:30 am – Complimentary Coffee & Tea
8:30 am – Breakfast
12:30 pm – Lunch
5:30 pm – Dinner

Dietary restrictions? No problem! We can accommodate gluten allergies, vegetarian diets and other restrictions. Just be sure your group leader notifies us of dietary restrictions before arrival.

Snack Shop:

Visit our Ice cream shop for a variety of smoothies, ice creams, shakes, candies, and sodas. All smoothies, shakes and malts are custom made to order, so mix and match flavors and find your favorite! Free Wi-Fi, a variety of board games and 50’s diner seating provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, relationship building and fun. Come visit us and try our shipwreck sundae today!

Snack Options:

Let us do the work! We will prepare your snacks and deliver them to your meeting room. See our Snack Menu below.

*Snack Menu PDF*


“Thank you for excellent food service. We appreciated the manager checking in at each meal!”
Michele, Palatine, Illinois.

“Thanks for being accommodating with gluten free special needs kids.”
Seth, Gurnee, Illinois.

“Everyone loved the food, and the staff was amazing!”
Jamie, Zion, Illinois.


Conference Point Center offers a variety of recreation options for any season.

Swim or play a game of sand volleyball down by the beach, take a walk along our 3000 foot shoreline, bundle up and play a round of broomball on our indoor ice rink, or tube down our snow tubing hill…Check out all of our recreation options below!

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Hangout Year-Round
  • NEW: Year-Round Laser Tag!
  • 1950’s Snack Shop
  • Kraft Hall Lounge
  • Several Indoor Fireplaces and outdoor Firepits
Summer Activities
  • Pro-Volley Ball Court
  • Shuffle Board
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming
  • Softball Field
  • Banana boat rides
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Paddle boats
Winter Activities
  • Snow tubing
  • Broom Ball
  • Ice skating