Pursue Your Purpose!

Experience God through Fulfillment.

Those who come to serve not only play a vital role in the daily Camp operations, but also have the opportunity to make an eternal impact in a camper’s life. Whether they are a volunteer or part-time staff, you will not only be able to pour into others, but be poured into as well. Continue to grow in your faith, leadership, and skill-set.

“Outstanding” comes when you give it your all and let God take control! This summer at camp I learned to be more patient, loving, passionate, devoted, authentic, hard-working, and joyful in all that I do! All because our Heavenly Father deserves it all!!!"

Daniel Cramer

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Arctic Blast Volunteer

Both volunteer and paid weekend staff positions are available for individuals 14 years and older during our winter camp. Available positions include kitchen staff, programming, recreation, and retail. 

Questions? Contact Jeff Andridge, or via phone at 262-248-5500 ext.500.

Summer Volunteers

Summer-long and week-long volunteer positions are available for high school students, college students, and adults. Click the link for Summer Volunteer Position Descriptions.

Questions? Contact Jeff Andridge, or via phone at 262-248-5500 ext.500.

Summer Staff

Find purpose, leadership, and fulfillment all while getting paid! Positions are available for people 18 years or older. Our mandatory training begins May 30. Classic summer camps end July 31st. Priority will be given to applicants with full summer availability. However, we would consider special circumstances and timing. For more information, get started with a click on the link!

Questions? Contact Jeff Andridge, or via phone at 262-248-5500 ext.500.

Part Time Staff

Paid weekend staff positions are available fall through spring for individuals 16 years and older. Available positions include kitchen staff, recreation, and retail.

Questions? Contact Jeff Andridge, or via phone at 262-248-5500 ext.500.

Project Days

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to gather a group of friends and/or your family members to help create a distraction-free environment for our camp guests. Spend a day with us (light snacks and a lunch) creating an excellent platform to share the gospel with thousands of campers and guests in the months ahead. Mark your calendars!

Building Trades Volunteers

We love our volunteers and try hard to appreciate all their efforts. There is always work for all skill levels and great opportunities to learn. Our goals are to have good work to do in a beautiful setting, love our teams, create a brotherhood atmosphere, and stay connected with each other.

Questions? Contact Scott Hayes (Conference Point) or Josh Piniotes (Lake Geneva Youth Camp)

Group Volunteers

Does your church, youth group, or business look for practical ways to make a difference in the world? There are few platforms that support the life-changing programs that camp offers. Our programs depend on a strong volunteer network that is willing to help us keep our properties clean, safe, and beautiful. Your group can make an eternal difference by volunteering and serving at camp.

Questions? Contact our office for events or opportunities to plug in.

Year-Round Staff

Full-time staff members work together as a team; to grow, steward, and sustain our ministry. We are always looking for people convicted to make camp ministry their mission and purpose in life. If God has placed this on your heart, check out our open positions to see how you can help further the proclamation of Christ.