Foundations Campaign

A Safe Place To Land

From A World Of Confusion

Before we entered a two-year shutdown, studies found that Millennials and Gen Zers are more likely to struggle with mental health issues than the generations that came before them. Youth are, for the most part, more affluent and more connected than before, but feel more isolated and scared than at any other time in history. Kids today are raised in a “your-truth/me-centered” reality where they no longer have something concrete to believe is the truth. How can you push back on the devastating effects of our cultural bankruptcy? This world is in desperate need of rescue from sin.

The hope for the anxiety-filled moment we find ourselves in is Jesus Christ. On Christ, the solid rock, we stand and proclaim the stability that the world cannot offer.

Exciting News!!

There are so many improvements happening on both properties right now!

The Foundations Campaign is beginning to help Lake Geneva Youth Camp grounds take shape for future generations. The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is that the new Welcome Center and Portico will honor two legacy families thanks to a $500k matching grant from a few caring camp families. The Welcome Center will now be called The Carrera Welcome Center, and the Portico on the front will be called The Yost Gathering Place. These two names will come alongside the new Landeck Canteen in honoring families who have made an unparalleled impact in the lives of campers for many years. 

This opportunity is a $500,000 matching grant, which means together, we must raise $500,000 to gain the funding needed to complete this project. In other words, every dollar you give doubles in impact up to $500,000. You can vastly improve how campers come on our property, build new friendships, and have a life-changing experience in Christ!


To A Place Set Apart

For this reason, we are announcing our new Welcome Center Project at Lake Geneva Youth Camp. We will convert our old camp dining hall into a new multi-purpose hub for camp programs and guest connection. In 2021 we raised over $300,000 to focus our guests on one main entrance. These projects are currently underway, and we expect to see many of them completed before the summer of 2023.

Future campers will arrive out of the chaos and brokenness of this world and be greeted with a clear next step in their check-in process. Our facilities at LGYC can emulate the clarity we bring into the world. This new facility is perfectly positioned with our new entryway drive. An exterior fireplace will draw people into the space, where guests will see kids playing in the new game room. On your way out of camp, you can conveniently grab a snack or camp apparel at our brand-new Landeck Canteen.

The Welcome Center is more than an exciting generational change to our property; it is a safe place to land for our youth and teens. Close to 20,000 guests will walk through this new facility’s doors each year. 

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