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Psalm 32:8 “The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

The Pathway Gap Year Program is an offering of Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences that guides young adults to full maturity and readiness for their next step in life. This program is a time for students (ages 18-25) to grow in their faith, explore the world, and gain valuable life skills and experience while transitioning into independence. Pathway Gap Year Program is the product of Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences coming together with Moody Bible Institute for the glory of God by impacting lives through life skills development, a 12-month work study program, and Christian education offerings. For 68 years, Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences has been a nationally recognized Christian camp and retreat ministry. Moody Bible Institute is a world leader in Christian education and resources.

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Pathway Preview Days

Want to see what life would be like during your year in Pathway? Experience the beauty of Lake Geneva, meet our staff, and catch a glimpse of how far you can go in a year.

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Thurs. 11/9/2017
Mon. 1/8/2018
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About Pathway

Pathway is not a “year off” it is an experiential “year on,” for students ages 18-25 years old in order to deepen practical, professional, and personal development. Many young people today feel uncertain about their next step in life. They have not had a chance to assess their priorities, explore the world, and discover their passions. This has led many to waste time and resources on a college or career path that is not right for them.

Pathway is a safe place for students to explore different ministry and work opportunities while gaining personal skills and spiritual maturity.

Value for the Participant

Academic Development: Our program will focus on providing transferable college courses focused on Biblical study, spiritual disciplines, and evangelism. These classes will set students on a course to be life-long learners and evangelists. There will be a natural opportunity for these students to continue their degree with our academic partner, Moody Bible Institute.

Employable Skills: Participants will learn skills which will help them enter and become competitive in the work force as valued employees.

During the program year students enrolled in Pathway will be exposed to a variety of work experiences including:

  • Counseling
  • Marketing
  • Food Service
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Services
  • Office Support
  • Recreation or Outdoor Education
  • Program team support

Life Skills: Participants will learn and practice the skills they will need to thrive on their own. Mastery of these skills will help them excel in each stage of life. Participants will be exposed to diverse ministry and service experiences locally as well as internationally as the group engages in short term mission/service trips.

During the program year students enrolled in Pathway will be educated in these three areas:

Living In Community: Students strengthen their communication skills and learn how to build healthy relationships.

Self Management: Students develop strategies for making healthy decisions, take ownership of their financial wellness, and learn basic life skills for preserving and maintaining.

Missions: Students are exposed to the world through monthly mission trips. They challenged to serve for the Glory of the Lord. Students are empowered to lead through organizational skills, planning, and communication.

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Housing and Food

Room and Board is INCLUDED in your Pathway tuition and is required for all who are participating in the Pathway program.

We strongly advise participants to budget $50 each month for incidentals. You may pay the full amount for the year upfront and we will save and distribute to the participant on a monthly basis. 

Students will also receive a $50 stipend (provided by the participant) each month for incidentals, and all other basic costs of living in the building and on trips.


Work Study: Late August – May

Our Pathway Participants will support the needs of the ministry through hands-on work requirements, which include:
Food Service
Guest Services
Office Support
Program team support
Other needs as required…

Summer Service: May – August

Pathway Participants will each fill a dedicated role at either of our two properties (LGYC & CPC), which include:
Food Service
Guest Services
Office Support
Recreation Team
Program team support
Other needs as required


After completing the academic portions of the Pathways program, which runs from late August through early May, students will have a short break before returning to Lake Geneva to put what they’ve learned into action. With the program staff available as resources, participants will build community, start Bible studies, resolve conflict, and lead their peers which will prepare them as they move on to college and other real life situations.

Moody Bible Institute:

Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning will provide a variety of undergraduate courses in the areas of theology, Bible, ministry and education. Whether the goal is to earn an accredited degree or to grow a deeper understanding of the Bible, our prayer is that these online courses will help develop a passion for God’s Word and give participants the tools to make the most of their daily walk with Christ.

Over 9 months, Pathway students will participate, at a significant discount, in four Moody online courses that have been specifically designed to challenge students academically while developing their Christian walk. Each eight-week course has a week-by-week schedule consisting of reading assignments, projects, and discussion board posts. Students will interact with their professor and other students through the discussion board.

Course Offerings From Moody Bible Institute:

Spiritual Life & Community

Foundations of Learning

Interpreting Scripture

Story and Structure of the Bible

Class assignments are week-by-week and a “week” runs from Tuesday through the next Monday. By Monday night, the week’s classwork must be completed. Students determine when to complete their work, based on their schedule. The cost of these courses are INCLUDED in your Pathway tuition.

International Experiences:

Walk in the footsteps of Paul and explore some of the most famous sites of the New Testament. Students in the Pathway program will be exposed to the world through an international trip that makes scripture come alive and expands their worldview.

This trip is INCLUDED in your Pathway tuition and is required for all who are participating in the Pathway Program.


The Process:

2 Simple Steps

Please follow these simple steps to complete your process.

Step 1: Complete the Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences application and submit the $500 nonrefundable deposit.

Step 2a: Upon completion of the Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences application you will receive a Welcome Email including a link to Moody Bible Institute’s Distance Learning courses. Please complete this application according to the instructions in the email.

Step 2b (If you will need financial aid): If you require financial aid information, contact our office for details on how you can apply to receive aid for your Pathway Tuition. Please call 262-248-5500 and ask for the Registrars office.

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Contact Us:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Pathway Tuition cost and what does it include?

The Pathway Program’s tuition is a total of $10,000 and includes: Room and Board, Four Moody Classes, and an International Trip to Greece. It does not include the student’s monthly stipend. We have researched Gap Year Programs and they average between $13,000 – $30,000 and do not typically include college credits, so this truly is a great value in many ways. 

Can I work off the program expenses while I am at camp?

Part of our gap year program includes working at Lake Geneva Youth Camp and Conference Point Center on the weekends and during the summer to gain valuable skills, develop discipline and build a strong work ethic. This is part of our work-study program and will directly offset the student’s program fees, contributing $3,000 to program costs for each student. This is already calculated into the overall payment schedule and should not be considered an extra way to pay off the monthly or out-of-pocket costs of the program. Essentially, Lake Geneva Camps and Conferences offsets $3,000 per student that they work off while they attend Pathway. This lowers the upfront out-of-pocket costs making the program more affordable from the start. We recommend that students budget $50 per month as a stipend for incidentals (not included in the Tuition total). All other basic costs of living at camp and on trips are taken care of.

Payment Plan

$500 deposit upon registration

$3300 due 8/28/17

$3300 due 11/28/17

$2900 due 2/28/18

How do I apply for grants or educational loans?

To be eligible for student grants and loans you must be enrolled in an official Associates Program with Moody Bible Institute. The classes we are offering through Moody are able to qualify but a more rigorous application process is necessary through Moody to be approved for the program. For details on the next step call: 262-248-5500 and ask for the Registrar’s office.

Do I have to attend for the whole year?

Yes. Each participant in the Pathway program should be fully committed to completing the entire year. Dedication to completing this commitment is part of the process of maturing and persevering as an adult.

What if I have a family event/wedding that occurs during the program, can I attend?

Like most college settings, excused absences are allowed with proper notification and coordination with program leadership.

Why do we have to go on the international trip?

A gap year program is defined by many things and one of the most vital parts centers around world exposure. Our trip to Greece – as well as our monthly regional trips – will help expose participants to formative and diverse experiences.

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