One Year to Impact a Lifetime!

Matthew 28:19a “Go therefore and make disciples…” Pathway, Year of Disciple Making, exists to equip and train young adults (18-25 years old) to be disciples who make disciples like Jesus. Pathway allows students to be saturated in a Christ-centered COMMUNITY to become aware of Jesus and who they are in Christ. Here at Lake Geneva Ministries, we are passionate about seeing young adults set their foundation on Jesus in their vocation and calling. 

Get PAID for hands-on ministry experience, serve in a local church, and take optional CLASSES through Moody Bible Institute, Judson University, or Emmaus Bible College for the glory of God. We are creating a space set apart for the GOSPEL during the formative years of a young adult’s life. ONE YEAR to impact a lifetime of work, relationships, and service, all for God’s glory and His Kingdom. 

Are you in? Be sent into your future college, workspace, ministry, or home equipped as a Disciple who Makes Disciples! 

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We Believe a Disciple Maker...
Courageously stands for Truth.

Optional classes through Emmaus Bible College, Judson University, or Moody Bible Institute. 

Old Testament Walk Through

Humbly Serves


Monthly Service Projects


Identity is rooted in Christ
Equipped in heart and skill to share the Gospel

G.O.S.P.E.L. Acronym

Practice with on-camp programming of 3000+ Jr. High and High School students.

Training in sharing Gospel-rooted testimonies.

Faithful to God and others

Saturated in our Culture to practice a Jesus-centered Disciple-Making community.

A clear understanding of excellence in work, relationships, and service.

Observing and absorbing scripture together daily.


There are a lot of opinions on how to approach developing people to live a life for Jesus. So, we want to be clear on our approach:  

  • Truth! Daily saturation and study in God’s Word.  
  • Relationships! Intentional individual and group mentoring. 
  • Practice! Space to put into practice Jesus’ example. 

There is much to be said on this topic. Want more information? Reach out to Rhonda Cook at [email protected] to hear more!

Who Is Discipling Pathway Participants? 


Jeff Andridge

(Program Director)

Jeff, our Program Director, is passionate about Jesus and seeing disciple-making movements happen in the church. Having done youth ministry in 5 local churches for 32 years, he now serves at camp to network and encourage campers and leaders to make disciples as Jesus did.


Rhonda Cook

(Pathway Coordinator)

Rhonda, our Pathway Coordinator, uses Deuteronomy 6:5-9 as guiding words to "Love the Lord your God...these words which I command you today shall be in your heart...teach them diligently." With 30 years in Children's Ministry, her greatest desire is to bring up the next generation to love and live like Jesus.


Anthony Ramirez

(Guest Services Host at Lake Geneva Youth Camp)

Anthony is the Guest Services Coordinator here at LGYC. He is passionate about providing an excellent experience for anyone who comes onto the property and hopes that camp will be a place for life-changing experiences in Christ for years to come. He and his wife love good food and good people and hope to provide a warm environment for pathway students.



Jesus and how he lived his life is the foundation of Pathway. We spend a large part of our year simply observing Jesus’ life and how the rest of scripture points to His coming. Not only does he desire us to imitate him, but he wants us to teach others how to do the same (Matthew 28). We believe that Disciples become Disciple-Makers by spending time with Jesus and putting into practice what we see Him do in scripture.   

There are 4 Core elements to expect by being a part of Pathway that allow space to develop Disciple Makers:  

  • Jesus 

  • Community

  • Ministry & Work Experience 

  • Classes  

Housing And Food And Income 

In your Pathway experience, it is required for all who are participating in the Pathway program to live on the grounds.  

You will get a weekly wage of $225. This covers 75% of your food expenses for the duration of the year. 

During the year, you will have 25% of your food supplied and prepared when guest groups are on the grounds. When no groups are on the grounds, you will be responsible for shopping by your own means.  

Year at Glance

Work Study: Late August – May 

The focal point during this part of the program is…  

  • Serving in a variety of camp departments  

  • Studying college classes (optional)  

  • Serving the local church  

  • Studying the Word of God daily  

All of which lead to conversation and development in character and leadership. 

Average Week at Glance:

Sunday afternoon – Off 

Monday – Off 

Tuesday – Off 

Tuesday Evening – Dinner and Bible Study 

Wednesday Morning - All Staff Devos/Meeting 

Wednesday Afternoon – Unaccredited Courses & Housekeeping 

Thursday Morning – Morning Meeting  

The Rest of Thursday – Chosen Work Skill 

Friday Morning – Morning Meeting & Maintenance  

Friday Afternoon – Program Projects 

Saturday All Day – Food Service, Recreation, or Projects around Camp 

Sunday Morning – Church or Food Service 


Summer Service: May-August 

When May rolls around our Pathway Participants will transition to being key leaders on our summer staff! 

This is a great opportunity for students to put into practice everything they developed throughout the year by welcoming other summer staff and serving guests/campers all for God’s Kingdom. 

Check out all the positions that are possible HERE 

College Credit Opportunities

Lake Geneva Youth Camp has partnered with Moody Bible Institute, Judson University, and Emmaus Bible College to provide our Pathway Students with the option to take college courses during their year-long camp ministry experience.  

Students will choose a school to take online classes in. Depending on the school, students will be able to take Bible, ministry, or general education classes.  

To learn more about the great opportunity to gain college credits during your Pathway year, reach out to our Program Director Jeff Andridge. 

Work Skills 

You will serve in a variety of departments during your time at camp. You will have the opportunity to specialize in 2 of the following departments.   

  • Food Service 
  • Guest Services  
  • Housekeeping 
  • Maintenance 
  • Program   
  • Recreation 


Please follow these simple steps to complete your process. 

Step 1: Complete the Lake Geneva Ministries application, references, and health forms. 

Step 2: Upon completing the Pathway application you will receive a Welcome Email from the Pathway Coordinator with the following steps leading up to an interview.  

Step 3: Once references and health forms are submitted to the Pathway Coordinator, we can move into an official interview.  

Step 4: After the interview, you’ll receive an acceptance or rejection e-mail. If accepted, the applicant will have 2 weeks to submit their contract as an official “yes” to the applicant joining  Pathway.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a family event/wedding that occurs during the program, can I attend?

Like most college settings, excused absences are allowed with proper notification and coordination with program leadership.


Coming Soon

Be SENT into your future college, workspace, ministry, or home equipped as a Disciple who Makes Disciples!